Purchasing support

Purchasing Support is one of the most important and delicate operations performed by our office, and involves accompanying the client from the making of a purchase offer to exchange of contracts in the presence of the notary (notaio). We will conduct detailed land registry and town planning searches on the property in order to protect the purchaser and either ensure town planning and land registry compliance or highlight any discrepancies or unauthorised works rendering the property non-compliant.
The town planning investigation, in particular, is crucial in revealing any unauthorised building works, establishing whether or not these may be retroactively authorised, and quantifying the retroactive authorisation charges.
In order to fully understand the importance of this service, it is worth remembering that the burden of any costs deriving from any unauthorised works carried out by the vendor or previous owners will be borne by the current owner, and it is therefore essential to be made aware of these before signing a purchase deed.
Since we consider this topic to be extremely important for the protection of our clients, we offer a more in-depth analysis on the page [PURCHASING SUPPORT].

Document searches

Document searches are often closely linked to purchasing support, but can be useful in many other services besides. The most common searches are conducted at the records of the Italian Inland Revenue Land Office (Agenzia delle Entrate – Territorio), formerly the Land Registry Office (Catasto), Property Register (Conservatoria dei Registri Immobiliari), Notarial Archive (Archivio Notarile), Municipal Offices (Uffici Comunali), Historical Archive (Archivio Storico), for searches for all kinds of documents, such as: paper land registry maps, old land registrations, copies of sales deeds, declarations of succession, lease contracts, building permits, declarations of fitness for use and many other documents.
Our office not only delivers hard copies of the documents obtained but also provides an additional electronic data archiving service. Each client’s file will contain all documents found at the various offices, which will therefore always be available for future consultation.

Statements of succession

Drafting of a Declaration of Succession (Dichiarazione di Successione) is an extremely delicate procedure as it transfers ownership from the deceased to the heirs.
An operation which is often considered mundane yet has considerable importance is that of identification of the estate. Good practice requires in-depth investigation to be carried out, including on-site inspections as opposed to mere transcription of the information found in the land registry documents, in order to avoid omission of buildings mistakenly not included in the documents.
The Declaration of Succession is followed by presentation of the transfer registration documents (volture) at the land registry (catasto) and consequent change of ownership from the deceased to the heirs.

Division of the estate

If, following a Declaration of Succession (Dichiarazione di Successione), there are multiple heirs then the assets are divided. All operations performed by our office are in preparation for exchange of contracts which is attested by the notary (notaio). In particular, we carry out a valuation of the estate followed by formation of lots to be assigned to each heir, proceeding with parcelling or cash adjustments if necessary.

Legal support

Legal Support is provided through our partner lawyer, Noemi Pavia, and is an extremely important service, particularly in the event of civil disputes, such as boundary settlement, positive or negative easements, distances or adverse possession, which often require the services of a Building Surveyor (Geometra).

Drafting of lease contracts

This service includes drafting of lease contracts together with all related procedures, such as: registration, tax calculation and drafting of Energy Performance Certificates (Attestati di Prestazione Energetica).

Property tax calculation

Our office deals with calculation of property ownership taxes, particularly Property Tax (IMU) and Service Tax (TASI). We also provide a tax payment service for those owning properties in Italy and residing abroad. These clients, being unable to pay the municipal authority directly, may transfer the money to our office which will proceed with payment and issue of a regular receipt.

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