We specialise in architecture, land surveying and property management.  Our mission is to accompany you on a journey that begins with the purchase of a property and ends with its complete renovation, without forgetting the fiscal and bureaucratic obligations which our clients, as owners, will be required to deal with in the years to come.  With our internal professional skills, coupled with the expertise of our external consultants, we aspire to be a landmark for those purchasing a home in the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato areas of Piedmont, Italy.


Our office operates in an area rich in history and local culture whose extraordinary landscapes are appreciated worldwide. Recognition of the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato area as a UNESCO World Heritage site provides further motivation for those who, like us, believe that the hilly landscape of the Piedmont Region must be not only preserved but also and above all enhanced through architecture.


Land Surveying is defined as the discipline that studies the procedures and systems necessary for scaled, planimetric and altimetric representation of the land.
Over the years, this discipline has undergone various developments, advancing from manual surveys to use of laser technology instruments and even satellite systems.


Purchasing Support service is a key phase for those looking to purchase a property. The service involves a series of land registry and town planning checks which provide the purchaser with a full picture of the fiscal and town planning situation of the property being sold.
We are often led to believe that these checks are carried out by the notary, but this is not the case.

Building and Architecture

Building and Architecture includes all those services through which we support our clients, from planning of the work through quantification of the costs and project management and finishing with safety and the final inspection.

  • Architectural design


  • Interior design


  • Architectural Project Management


  • Site safety


Topography and land registry 

Our Land Surveying and Land Registration service includes all land registry activities, such as land parcelling or land and building registration, as well as land surveys conducted using both total station and GPS for a variety of purposes, from boundary identification to contour plans and three-dimensional modelling

  • Parcelling
  • Inclusion of new buildings on the map
  • Total station and GPS surveys
  • Boundary identifications

Purchase and real estate management

The key aspect of this service is protection of our clients, particularly in the purchase of a property. Further to purchase, we offer our clients a management service they can depend on, provided by qualified and dedicated professionals, which includes the annual obligations new owners will be required to deal with.

  • Purchasing support


  • Document searches


  • Statements of Succession


  • Property tax calculation


Energy Certification and Diagnosis

A building’s energy efficiency plays an increasingly important role, both at the purchasing phase and during renovation of the property. For this reason, we have made energy saving one of our key areas of specialisation.

  • Energy Certification


  • Energy Auditing


  • Tax allowance procedures


  • Thermal account scheme


Appraisals and estimates

Thanks to our collaboration with the Court of Asti, our office has considerable experience of the legal and valuation aspects of compiling property valuation survey reports.

  • Consultancy for the Court of Asti


  • Property valuation



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Andrea Ghidone, Geometra

My name is Andrea Ghidone and I was born in Asti on August 6th 1975. I completed my school education at the Istituto Giobert, Asti, in 1994.
After training at the Sacco Trinchero survey office in Monale, I passed the State Professional Examination and registered with the Register of Chartered Surveyors (Albo dei Geometri della Provincia di Asti) of the Province of Asti in 1998.


We work in partnership with qualified professionals in order to guarantee you the best support.

Roberto Pozzo, Ingegnere

Structural Design Partner 
phone : 329.090.46.20
e-mail: robopozz@libero.it

Noemi Pavia, Avvocato

Legal Support Partner
phone: 329.216.84.20
e-mail: baruffaldi.pavia@alice.it

Matteo Rissone, Geometra

Fire Prevention Partner
phone: 339.883.63.98
e-mail: studiotecnicorissone@libero.it



You can see on the map the location of the studio

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Loc. Bramairate 165
14100 Asti (AT)

Tel: 0141 29 51 20
Cel: +39 349 80 60 376
skype: andrea.ghidone

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