Our philosophy

Land Surveying is defined as the discipline that studies the procedures and systems necessary for scaled, planimetric and altimetric representation of the land.

Over the years, this discipline has undergone various developments, advancing from manual surveys to use of laser technology instruments and even satellite systems.

Thanks to collaboration with the partner Leica Geosystems, a Swiss company and world leader in the sector, our office is equipped with the very latest tools in the field of land surveying, enabling us to meet all our clients’ widely varying needs.

Land surveying services

Our services include land registry surveys for inclusion of buildings on the map, parcelling, planimetric and altimetric surveys with 3D model restitution, inclusion in Google Earth, boundary modifications, measurement of woodlands using GPS instrumentation for tree felling, and much more.

For a detailed description of the sectors in which we operate, please visit our SERVICES page.

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