Energy certification

An Energy Performance Certificate (Attestato di Prestazione Energetica) is an essential document both for drafting of notarial deeds and for lease contracts.
This Certificate establishes the building’s energy efficiency classification, standard consumption for heating and hot water, the percentage of energy produced using renewable sources and many other parameters which, overall, constitute a kind of energy ID card for the building.
Correct drafting of this Certificate is a fundamental guarantee, particularly in the event of a sale, for both the vendor and the purchaser.
A Certificate drafted with care and diligence provides the purchaser with a guarantee as to the energy expenditure for the property. Similarly, the vendor is protected against any claims for damages filed by the purchaser.

Energy auditing

Energy auditing of the building is a preliminary and essential operation for the purpose of deciding which operations to carry out in order to reduce energy consumption.
Once an on-site survey of the building has been conducted, an information model is created containing all elements relevant for energy purposes, from the envelope (walls, floors, ceilings and roof coverings) to the installations. Following creation of this model of the existing building, various solutions are hypothesised, comparing the cost of the action (e.g. replacement of the windows and doors, installation of solar panels or external insulation, etc.) with the return time on the investment, in order to establish which operations are most cost-effective.

Tax allowance procedures

Our office has ten years’ experience in drawing up all tax allowance paperwork, for both renovation and energy-saving.  Energy-saving operations subject to incentives include replacement of windows and doors, installation of condensing or biomass boilers, installation of solar panels and installation of wall, floor, ceiling and roof insulation.

The thermal account (Conto termico) scheme

The Thermal Account (Conto Termico) Scheme is primarily an incentive for replacement of old diesel or biomass boilers with other, more efficient, biomass-powered ones. In some cases, this incentive is more cost-effective than tax allowances.  Our consultancy service provides clients with guidance, as and when required, on choosing the most beneficial investment in both energy-saving and economic terms.

Fire prevention

Our Fire Prevention service is provided through our partner surveyor, Matteo Rissone, where the business in question is subject to visits and inspections by the Fire Service (Vigili del Fuoco).

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