Architectural design

Our architectural design service includes the following:
Drafting of plans for new constructions and renovations of residential, craftsmanship, commercial and agricultural properties.
Applications for authorisations and permits from the competent municipal authority – notices of commencement of work such as CIL, CILA, DIA, SCIA, or building permit (Permesso di Costruire) – and all other relevant authorities.
Landscape permits for properties with construction restrictions pursuant to Italian Legislative Decree 42/2004.
Three-dimensional modelling of the property with delivery of a 3D model to the client.

Interior design

For optimal use of the interior spaces, layout the of the rooms and selection of materials, interior design requires the support of an architect throughout all phases of construction or renovation of your home.
Our 3D design will enable you to see your home from all possible angles with the help of floor plans, three-dimensional views and video montages.

Architectural project management

Our Architectural Project Management service is the natural progression from what we conceive and share with our clients at the design phase. During this phase, clients witness the design gradually taking shape, with the option of making any changes in agreement with the Project Manager as the work progresses.

Structural design and project management

Structural Design and Project Management take place in collaboration between our office and a partner engineer. This permits a continual exchange of information between the architectural designer and the structural one in order to deliver the client a final product that takes into consideration both the aesthetic and static aspects.

Site safety

Site Safety consists of various phases which unfold at equal pace with design and project management.
Our office is capable of performing all the roles set out by Italian Legislative Decree 81/2008, from Safety Coordinator (CSP) during the design phase to Execution Phase Coordinator (CSE), with the capacity to draft the following documents required by current legislation:
Safety and Coordination Plan (PSC) which establishes the safety guidelines applicable to the specific site.
Operational Safety Plan (POS) necessary for all businesses when accessing a construction site.
Scaffolding Assembly, Use and Dismantling Plan (PiMUS), compulsory where scaffolding is assembled on a site.
Technical roofing document (Elaborato tecnico della copertura), necessary for the construction or renovation of roof coverings in order to ensure the installation of so-called “lifelines” for future maintenance operations.

Metric calculations and specifications

Our office’s Building and Architecture service is completed with the drawing up of metric calculations and work specifications. Metric calculation quantifies the extent of each item of work and is essential in enabling clients to request quotations from the various companies. Once a contractor has been chosen, the work specifications define the quantitative, economic and temporal terms of the work to be performed, thus guaranteeing the client greater protection from any non-fulfilment by the contractor.

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