Serena Grattapaglia, Architect

University and early work experience

My name is Serena Grattapaglia, I was born in Asti on June 23rd 1985 and I have been working with Andrea for nearly three years.

After completing my Master’s Degree in Architecture, Restoration and Development at Turin Polytechnic University in 2010, I began working with the architect Fabrizio Morando, furthering my knowledge of design of new apartment and private buildings and redevelopment of traditional Piedmontese rural buildings, from the perspective of both architecture and energy efficiency.

Building sites, property management and maintenance

Subsequently, in 2014, wishing to broaden my skill set in relation to building sites, I began working for the company Società Gagliano, overseeing several renovations and developing my abilities in terms of administrative property management.
From June 2015 to January 2016, I worked for the company Aspera – Idee Costruttive, coordinating installation maintenance operations at the Piedmont and Aosta Valley branches of Banca BNL bank as well as several private properties in Turin.

My skills and activity today

Despite my relatively short professional history, I have developed as a person and as a professional thanks to my experience gained in the field of construction and installations and, above all, to my love of everything concerning architecture, restoration and interior design.

My skills include traditional design and three-dimensional simulation, enabling me to offer clients a realistic vision of the property with the option of including furnishings in the various spaces. I also deal with metric calculations, which are essential in requesting quotations from the various companies and, subsequently, assigning the work.

Thanks to the commitment and professionalism that set us apart, our partnership functions in absolute harmony, enabling us to offer 360-degree support to clients who choose to approach our office.

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